Monday, June 9, 2008

Creating room for change

One thing inevitable in our life is change. No matter how we keep things the way they are, change will simply creep on our backs and try to run as over. Worse part of it is, are we ready for changes to occur in our lives. Are we ready to face the facts that, change is simply inevitable and cannot be avoided. Are we willing to fight against change and live the way we are right now? Or are we willing to embrace it with open arms and look forward for a brighter tomorrow?

Everyday, we see various changes occurring around us. In our country, in our workplace and even in the comforts of our home. Change is every where! Most of the time, we simply just don't notice it. Better yet, WE SIMPLY IGNORE IT. It's because we enjoy embracing life as it is and ignore everything that might disrupt our utopia.

Truth is, most of us think change will greatly affect our lives in a negative way, that's we we try to avoid it. But somehow if we view it in a different angle, change may be a good thing. It may become a beneficial thing not only for us but for the people around us as well. If only we humans are not that stubborn and if only we use our heads a lot, then we might view things differently from what we see it right now. Not all changes in this world should be taken as bad as it looks, we should try to consider the silver lining behind such change and somehow think the benefits we could reap from such.

That being said, all that leaves us now is the question, "Am I ready for the opportunity to change?" or "I would rather live my life the way as it is?"

Faced with these two questions, I'd rather take my chances on embracing change, may it be good or bad, because change will eventually happen in my life. All that remains now is my willingness and readiness to accept such.



ken said...

Wag kang manakot! Takot ako sa change!

~ Dyilyan Dyosa~ said...

change is never easy. we fight to hold on. we fight to let go.


lethalverses said...


BUHAY KA PA BA???!?!?!