Monday, June 9, 2008

Creating room for change

One thing inevitable in our life is change. No matter how we keep things the way they are, change will simply creep on our backs and try to run as over. Worse part of it is, are we ready for changes to occur in our lives. Are we ready to face the facts that, change is simply inevitable and cannot be avoided. Are we willing to fight against change and live the way we are right now? Or are we willing to embrace it with open arms and look forward for a brighter tomorrow?

Everyday, we see various changes occurring around us. In our country, in our workplace and even in the comforts of our home. Change is every where! Most of the time, we simply just don't notice it. Better yet, WE SIMPLY IGNORE IT. It's because we enjoy embracing life as it is and ignore everything that might disrupt our utopia.

Truth is, most of us think change will greatly affect our lives in a negative way, that's we we try to avoid it. But somehow if we view it in a different angle, change may be a good thing. It may become a beneficial thing not only for us but for the people around us as well. If only we humans are not that stubborn and if only we use our heads a lot, then we might view things differently from what we see it right now. Not all changes in this world should be taken as bad as it looks, we should try to consider the silver lining behind such change and somehow think the benefits we could reap from such.

That being said, all that leaves us now is the question, "Am I ready for the opportunity to change?" or "I would rather live my life the way as it is?"

Faced with these two questions, I'd rather take my chances on embracing change, may it be good or bad, because change will eventually happen in my life. All that remains now is my willingness and readiness to accept such.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Give me strength and lead me to victory....

It's nice to know that when you wake up each morning you have an inspiration to look forward to... May it be a person, a thing, or even a being that can't be seen, we're always motivated to climb out of our beds and do the things we must accomplish for the day. It feeds the necessity of our mind, body and soul.

Inspirations give us the extra boost we need to keep up with this fast paced life we live in. It's the thing that drives us to excel, work harder and at the same time become better individuals. But what if we suddenly lost that inspiration? What if we unknowingly forgot or even disregarded such? What would happen to us and how would we view the world around us?

As absurd as it may seem, we do sometimes lose our inspirations... Many times have I seen people falter and faded into corners of rooms, crying their hearts out or even staring at the skies asking the one up above the question...Why??? May it be a special someone, a parent, sibling, relative or any other thing that makes us feel invincible. Once we lose such, we feel ultimately vulnerable to the things around us. We lose our appetite for success and our willingness to move on...

I guess time can only tell how to heal such wounds and take away all our inhibitions. We can't really say how long or how fast one can heal through his or her losses. All I know is that accepting that somethings are meant to be lost is easier than not letting go of the thing we already lost.

Being stubborn won't bring us out of our corners, instead it will only rot us and give us more reasons to think that we are useless...


Chukoy: Da bouncing baby boy….

Testing... Testing...

"Ang panimula"

Isang gabi...

Sa isang di kalayuang siyudad ng Lungsod Quezon…

Isang ina ang naghihirap upang isilang sa mundong ito ang isang sanggol…

Isang ama ang taimtim na naghihintay ng isang anak…

At isang nurse ang kating kati nang kumamot ng kanyang pwet… Dahil hindi ito naghugas…. (Yuck!)

Sa kalagitnaan ng malamig na gabi ay taimtim na nagcoconcentrate ang mga doktor upang mailabas ang isang sanggol sa sinapupunan ng kanyang ina. Di nila namalayan na pitong oras na silang nasa delivery room para mailabas lang ang sanggol na ito… Hindi naman maselan ang pagbubuntis ng ina… At mukhang hindi naman kakaiba ang sanggol na ito sa iba pang sanggol na naisilang na sa mundo…

Subalit, hirap na hirap ang mga doctor upang mailabas ang bata….

Nasubukan na nila ang lahat…

Ngunit hindi pa rin nila mailabas ang bata…

Doktor Bulibuli: Doc! Anu kayang problema neto?! Kamusta naman at kanina pa tayo nandito! Akala ko ba normal delivery lang to?

Doktor Tamana: Be patient… Konti na lang at mailalabas na natin ng maayos ang bata. Actually nailabas ko na ang buong katawan ng bata… Pero may isa pang problema….

Doktor Bulibuli: Problema? Doc, we’ve done everything we could… I suggest hiwaan na natin ang “thingy” ni mommy para makalabas na ang ibang parts ng bata!

Doktor Tamana: *PaaaaaK!* (Sinampal ni Doktor Tamana si Bulibuli). How dare you call yourself a doctor! Maghulus dili ka nga! Hindi ko bibiyakin ang “thingy” ng pasyente para lang makauwi na tayo at makipagdate ka sa bakla mong boyfriend! Palibhasa wala kang pek*** kaya di mo naiintindihan kung gaano kaimportante nito! Paano na lang ang kaligayahan ni mister pag pinalaki pa natin ang butas dito?

Doktor Bulibuli: *Bulong* Mayroon pa naming pwet si misis para pasukan ng tubo e

Doktor Tamana: Anung sabi mo?!

Doktor Bulibuli: Wala doc! Sabi ko palabas na yung bata… Ay! Teka! Lumalabas na nga yung bata! Pero bakit ganun, bakit yung….

Doktor Tamana: Diba sabi ko sayo kanina lumabas na ang whole body ng bata…. Tanging ang itlog na lamang nya ang naipit sa peks ni mommy! Mahusay at gumana ang nilagay kong pampaalis ng maga! Tagumpay!

Doktor Bulibuli: Pampaalis ng maga? Teka anung gamut ang ginamit nyo?

Doktor Tamana: *Sabay batok sa bading na doctor* Tanga! Ever heard of Caladryl?! Duh?!

Chukoy: *Iyak* Uwaaaaah! Uwaaaaah! (Potah, duguan pa ko dito!)

Doktor Tamana: Ay teka, asikasuhin na muna natin to! Mamaya ka na makipagharutan at gawin mo muna ang trabaho mo!

Doktor Bulibuli: Yes sir!

Dali dali ang dalawang gung-gong na doktor sa paglilinis sa bagong panganak na bata! Kapansin pansin ang paglilinis ni Doktor Bulibuli sa Itlog na bata. Aniya ay parang aliw na aliw ito at sinasariwa ang alaala ng kanyang nakaraan…

Doktor Bulibuli: *Buntung-hininga* Haaaayyyy….

Doktor Tamana: *Batok kay Bulibuli* Hoy! Baklang toh! Bakit kanina mo pa kinakapa yang itlog ng bata! Mahiya ka naman! Sanggol pa lang yan minomolestya mo na ah!

Doktor Bulibuli: Gaga! Para kasing may kakaiba sa balls nung bata oh! Para kasing ma-goma yung texture! It doesn’t seem normal! Parang made of rubber ang balls nya pag hinahawakan ko….

Doktor Tamana: *Batok kay Bulibuli* Tanga ka ba! E naka gloves ka kaya! Syempre mafifill mo na parang goma yung itlog nung bata! Bobo!

Doktor Bulibuli: Aba teka! Nakakarami ka na ha! Hindi porque boss kita dito ay din na kita papatulan! Tanggapin mo toh! *Sabunot kay Tamana*

Habang nagsasabunutan ang dalawang ungas na doctor ay tahimik na nahihimbing ang sanggol….

Di alintana ang ingay ng kanyang bagong mundo…

Patuloy ito sa kanyang pagtulog….

Di batid may espesyal syang gagampanan sa mundo…

Ang magbigay ligaya sa lahat…



Ryan vs. Dorkman 2

Aba e akalain mo at may sequel pa....

Astig talaga ng fight scenes. Too bad walang story pero hanep pa rin sa mga effects.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Life is a succession of choices.....

As true as it sounds, choices are the things that put us to where we are right now. As difficult to make, it is the determining factor as to whether we will succeed in the future or not. The small choices we make right now might make a big difference in our future, as well as for others.

Choices are pretty hard to make. Yes, I know that there are a lot of options given to us readily available for us to choose. But if we think about it, it's a pretty complicated thing. You see if we carelessly chose one option over the other, it might lead to our demise, or better yet failure. Then again, it might also lead us to success. So it's always best for us to study the situation, analyze the possible results and readily make a solid choice and stick to it.

Now here comes the catch, what if we had to make a choice immediately. For example, we didn't have the time to think for a feasibly beneficial choice for us. What do we do then? Do we go for it? Or we stick to being analytical and start weighing the options first before doing anything else.

If I were to be asked with this question, I'd probably take the plunge... You see, inevitably in this lifetime, we will be bound to discover both success and failure. If there was no time to think of a good choice, it's better to take a plunge and go with your instincts. Needless to say, follow what you think is right, if your wrong, then you'll always have the chance to try again. It's just like proposing to somebody, you'll always try and take the plunge. You'll be clueless as to what will happen next. If you're turned down, you'll spend a couple of weeks drowning your self in booze and sinking yourself in humiliation. But I'm sure, it will pass and eventually you'll move on. If you get accepted, you'll have the most wonderful feeling in the world. Being loved! If you weighed down the options, I'll guess that people will choose the latter.

Of course, it takes both guts and will to make the choice you really want. Just follow your instincts and I'm sure that you'll eventually get what you want. If you don't get it, we'll there's always a chance for us to try again.

In our lifetime, only those people who give up are the ones who don't get what they want to get. The rest who suffer failure and try again are the courageous ones who will eventually get what they desire in due time...


VJ Wanna be gone wild!

Aba e, kung gusto mong mag-audition bilang isang VJ, wag mong tularan ang isang toh!

Mas matino pa mag-english ang kuya kong may down syndrome kaysa lalakeng toh!

Hay naku.... Nampucha, sana nagtagalog na lang sya at di sya napahiya sa harap ng kamera!

Let's go to the bitches! Mmmmmm.... Bikinis..... Hehehehe.....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ryan vs. Dorkman

Ever heard of this one?

Cool fights scenes that were Star Wars inspired!

Ang galing ng nag choreograph neto!